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I am a front-end developer based in San Diego, California. I bring things to life on the web and enjoy building websites and applications for others to use and enjoy. Although I have a diverse set of skills involving both front-end and back-end technologies (see below), my main passion is front-end development. I love working with React, and have also recently published my first NPM package, React Password Maker. In addition, I also love helping fellow coders and developers, and have written articles and tutorials on various topics related to web development. You can find my articles on Medium, as well as on CoderGuides, a website I created for coding articles and tutorials. Feel free to check out my projects and connect with me!

I am currently looking for a front-end developer position. Contact me if you'd like to discuss potential opportunities or just say hi!

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My front-end skills include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with a focus on React. I am also able to use other tools and technologies like Bootstrap and jQuery to create user-friendly web applications. Some of the front-end applications and websites that I've developed are The Shoppies (React / React Hooks), CoderGuides (React), and ESL Toolbox, which can be found in the projects section of my website.

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My coding interests extend beyond the front-end. The technology and technical skills in my back-end toolbelt include Node, Express, NPM, REST, as well as the MongoDB and MySQL databases. Applications highlighting these skills are LIRI Bot and Bamazon, which can be found in the projects section of my website. Head on over and take a look at the demo videos I created for these applications.

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My skill set and experience extends to full-stack applications, which means creating and developing a fully operational website, server and all, from scratch. I have developed applications using the MERN stack and RESTful routes. Full-stack MERN applications that I've developed include Lucky Student and Friend Finder, which can be found in the projects sections of my website.